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Modern solutions in the security and defense industry increasingly rely on technical achievements in the digital world: more powerful sensor technology, ever faster networks for better communication, high-performance computer systems, data-based analyses to support decision-making – just a few examples. However, the numerous technical possibilities usually lead to more complex and complicated technological processes. This often results in unwanted effects. These can range from the annoying crash of operating software to the total failure of a digital command and control solution and the shutdown of entire weapon systems. MicroNova contributes the knowledge gained from the telco and

automotive sectors in order to master these challenges facing the security and defense industry. The expertise of the Telco Solutions and Testing Solutions divisions in the development of planning and configuration software for mobile networks and the testing of electronic control and regulation components for the automotive and energy industries forms the basis for this. MicroNova combines this specialist knowledge with many years of experience from defense projects. The bottom line is always creative, innovative IT solutions; these advantages come into their own particularly in complex projects and tough environments. High quality and reliability of supply are always essential elements of this.


realtime/HiL simulation/cloud-ready; CAN/LIN/FlexRay, MatLab Simulink, Jira, Confluence, Kanban, Integrity Modeler, VeriStand/LabVIEW; Bitbucket/GIT; Spark Enterprise Architect


LINUX/Windows programming, C/C++, C#, JAVAEE, Eclipse, database/SQL, Qt 5.x, GUI; Python; V model; agile (SCRUM), open source


ISO 9001, ISO 27001 (in prep.), ISO 26262 (in prep.)


Georg Kieferl
Head of Telco Solutions & Defense Solutions
+49 8139 9300-0

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